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GolfSuites aims to capitalize on a clear gap in the hybrid golf entertainment market by offering a destination where golfers of every skill level can improve their game, have fun, and experience the future of golf. Find your suite spot.

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Investment & Market DETAILS
Reg A+

Golf that is Fun, Minus the Hassle

Imagine a hot summer’s day, with no shade to seek refuge, and a line on the first tee that seems longer than your drive to the course. Couple that with an inevitable hunger pang in your stomach after a few holes, and the looming threat of a thunderstorm…

Sound familiar? As fun as the game of golf is, it comes with some distinct setbacks. Both avid and new golfers alike have been searching for a more convenient, less time-consuming, and more affordable alternative to the game they love.

And while there are several venues that already exist in the hybrid golf-themed entertainment space – there is still a lot of room for improvement – and a resounding desire for a better overall experience.

A person just hit a golf ball

Where Golf Entertainment and Game Improvement Meet

We are ready to meet this demand by offering our customers a host of experiences with an emphasis on a more golf-centric approach.

The Market Shows that Now is the Time for GolfSuites to Scale

With less than 10% of the market filled, we see an opportunity for hundreds of golf entertainment venues to be built in the US. At GolfSuites, we believe we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend and address a market that is begging for attention.

Industry at a Glance

  • $14.1B  Golf Driving Ranges & Family Fun Centers in the US Market size in 2021*
  • 5.8%  Golf Driving Ranges & Family Fun Centers in the US Market Size Growth in 2021*
  • $16.25B Food & Beverage Segment of the $552B Hospitality Market – Projected to grow to $26B by 2022.

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Three Locations Down, a National Chain to Go

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our first location is a 60-bay facility based in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area (Jenks, OK).

Lubbock, TX

Lubbock, TX

Our second location, a 56-bay facility located near Texas Tech University that we took over in late 2020, just now commencing its re-branding from 4ORE! Golf to GolfSuites.

Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

Our third and newest location, a 40-bay facility planned for opening in late-2021.

Why US

What GolfSuites has to Offer in Addition to Golf

GolfSuites is the national destination of choice for gamified golf entertainment, events, performance, improvement, and fun for all.  We also host events for corporate and social gatherings in our private meeting rooms. And don’t worry about missing out on the action – all of our meeting suites come with a view of the tee line or 19th hole!

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Realistic Golf Entertainment and a Holistic Game Experience

Our venues will offer realistic golf entertainment and a holistic game improvement experience, including a 250+ yard driving range, simulated green sites and hazards, professional quality golf balls and equipment, coaching, restaurants, bars, and multiple types of live music and entertainment.

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A bunch of golfsuit branding golfballs.
A person about to hit start on the golfsuit practice range screen.

PGA-level tracking technology provided by Toptracer Range


Facility Partnerships

Cleveland Golf logo

All of our clubs are Cleveland – known for creating extremely forgiving and user friendly sets of clubs.

srixon logo

Srixon provides balls (Q-Star and Z-Star), apparel, gloves, etc. in our facility and gift shops.

12 plus partners

Aside from these partnerships, we are also engaged in strategizing with at least a dozen other companies across the country.

An illustration of the front of a GolfSuites building

The Modern Golfer Wants More – For Less

Golf participation, specifically first-time players, has grown steadily over the last five years and is projected to keep growing. Even more telling is the fact that “very interested” non-golfers who expressed an interest in playing grew from 15 million in 2017 to 34.2 million in 2020, according to the National Golf Foundation. There are also nearly 35 million more who say they are "somewhat interested" in playing.

Even more exciting is the number of first-time golfers that new hybrid golf and entertainment facilities are attracting —prefer an experience that is interactive, takes less time, and offers an unintimidating experience.

This pool of potential golfers over the past three years is attributable in part to the growth and popularity of off-course golf. Almost half of this untapped demand consists of "lapsed golfers" who played on a course previously, but not within the past year, while the rest are those who never played golf on a course before.
The preference for an alternative golfing experience is almost on par with the traditional style of game – and the trend is rising – with off-course participation increasing almost 10% in 2018 (estimated 23 million), while on-course golfers comprised 24.3 million.

The category of young adults (18-34 year olds) is the sport's biggest customer age segment, with

6.1 Million on-course participants and another
3.9 Million off-course only participants.

We will use the funds from this Reg A+ offering to develop golf entertainment venues facilities that offer a fun, all-inclusive, and engaging environment for both avid and recreational golfers; upgrading technology to provide new capabilities, critical game improvement data, better engagement through gamification, customization, and social sharing.

The GolfSuites Team

30-years experience in restaurant and hospitality operations, driving revenue growth, profitability and cash flow. Currently President and Chief Operating Officer of GolfSuites, Inc. Strategic leader who believes in the importance of establishing an authentic culture

A portrait of Nicholas Flanagan
Nicholas V. Flanagan
President @ GolfSuites, Inc.

40-years experience in real estate finance, ownership and management. Currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GolfSuites, Inc.  

A portrait of Gerald Ellenburg
Gerald Ellenburg
Chairman @ GolfSuites, Inc.

25+ years corporate experience in food service, retail, and hospitality industry as Corporate Attorney. Currently, Chief Administrative Officer for GolfSuites, Inc. with responsibilities for HR, Benefits, Risk Management, and Treasury functions.

A portrait of Michael Zylstra
Michael Zylstra
Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer @ GolfSuites, Inc.

Over 25 years of experience in the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry. Five years with TopGolf as the National Director of Operations. Currently Vice President of Operations of GolfSuites, Inc.

A portrait of Scott McCurry
Scott McCurry
Vice President of Operations
@ GolfSuites, Inc.

20-years experience in development and as general contractor with a multi-hundred-million-dollar construction completion resume. Currently Co-Founder and Development Director of GolfSuites, Inc. Currently President and Chief Operations Officer of ERC Homebuilders, Inc.

A portrait of Ryan Koenig
Ryan T. Koenig
Board Director & Development Advisor @ GolfSuites, Inc.

20 years of experience in development and real estate finance. Developed key projects for the largest Silicon Valley firms in California. Currently a capital markets associate for GolfSuites and ERC Homebuilders.

A portrait of Ryan Ellenburg
Ryan Ellenburg
Capital Markets Associate @ GolfSuites, Inc.

33 years of experience helping established Fortune 100 and emerging start-up businesses develop, build, leverage, grow and extend their brands and customer experiences across the retail, hospitality, entertainment, CPG, finance and beauty / fashion industries including the GolfSuites brand.

A portrait of John Galvin
John Galvin
Board Director @ GolfSuites, Inc.

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