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Investment FAQ

Here you will find all the questions you may have about investing in our offering. To ensure you receive all offering-related communications, please add [email protected] to your email contact list.

Investment in GolfSuites is a unique chance to invest in an acutely under-supplied and over demanded sector of “eatertainment” – golf driving range entertainment centers that offer the full golf experience along with full sports-bar food and beverage complements.  The US is projected to be able to facilitate as many as 300 to 400 of these entertainment centers while there are fewer than 100 in operation today. This is a “supply-demand” investment, similar to those opportunities that investors had in self-storage in the 1970’s. GolfSuites targets as many as 200 facilities nationwide in the next 10 years, and plans on opening in secondary locations around the country, with single-floor facilities that develop, build, and open on extremely fast time-frames. The cash flow potential from this business sector is multiples of those opportunities in conventional stock offerings.

The overall offering to customers is very much the same, but GolfSuites has a superior food and beverage offering and it has a superior technology offering. Managed by an expert team of food / beverage professionals who have concluded that food / beverage offerings are the motivating force to compete, and combining that with superior golf tracking technology, simply put – GolfSuites is a more fun and higher quality experience. BUT, let there be NO mistake here – the US needs more than 300 of these facilities, and there are literally hundreds of communities with ardent demand to have this kind of a recreational offering – this is what will drive the GolfSuites success.

The GolfSuites management team wants “Main Street America” to enjoy the ownership benefits of this business. The company’s Chairman, Jerry Ellenburg, has almost $1 billion in equity and debt financing on his resume, as a principal. He has guided the company’s current thinking to invite all of America to join this opportunity, not just wealthy Wall Street investors. His goal has been to build a true “Investor Collective” or “Investor Family”, and his goal is already being realized with hundreds of investors coming back to GolfSuites over and over with repeat investments, in some cases for a 5th, 6th or 7th time. Jerry is very dedicated to aligning his investor values to his customer values. GoflSuites has continual reach from institutional and private investor groups, and deals with a number of different banks nationwide.

Worry about investor scamming is a critical concern that any investor should research. The means by which one can satisfy such a concern would be to:

  • Study the Reg A Offering Circular online, available when you select the “Invest Now” link. The offering circular has gone through a thorough qualification with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Look at the websites for GolfSuites Tulsa and 4ORE! Golf (our Lubbock location that we have not finalized re-branding yet).
  •  Ask for our 2021 year-end financials, which will be lodged online with the SEC, but which can be sent to any investor upon request.
  •  Inquire with Computershare, our transfer agent, the company that hosts some 3,000 of our shareholder accounts.
  • Reach out to Jerry Ellenburg any time via our online inquiry system. He LOVES talking to current and prospective investors.

8% is only one part of the ROI, and is the dividend payment based on the amount invested. If one were to invest $10,000, the dividend would be calculated at $800/year ($200/quarter). The real risk/reward play comes from the value of the equity in the shares that you would also own. THE 8% IS THE “DIRECT” AND CURRENT ROI, BUT THAT MIXES WITH THE POTENTIAL OF CAPITAL GAIN AT THE POINT OF SALE OR MONETIZATION – SALE / MERGER / IPO.

Under Reg A, we cannot make guarantees, and honestly, there are no guarantees in any investment. But options such as IPO and sale are always considered. While there are secondary marketplaces for share-sale, we advise all our investors to consider this a 4 – 5-year investment hold.

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